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    Professional internet blackjack is 350 years old , internet blackjack card-counting advice for beginners to experts is here... It presents the high-low and the halves. The high-low is the best combination of simplicity and power, and probably is the most popular system used by card counters. Halves is a level-3 system that yields almost perfect estimates of your advantage, information you need to determine your optimal bet size on the internet blackjack.

    The smartest way to play the game of internet blackjack is first to get to know the basic strategy. But remember, two key factors affect which strategy to choose: number of decks in use, and house rules.

    Everything you need to know about online internet blackjack and various poker tournaments is here. We'll tell you which online casinos offer the best online internet blackjack games. You'll get online internet blackjack strategy , online blackjack tips, bonuses and a guide to winning free casino chips on internet blackjack.