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  • Gambling Games: How to Play Casino War

    Casino War

    Casino War is a card game that utilizes six decks and is played in a table similar to that of blackjack. Up to seven players can join in the game.

    The rule of Casino War is simple: The one with the best card prevails.

    Casino War: Betting

    In Casino War, everyone competes against the dealer. Before each player is a betting circle like you see in many card games. To place one's bet, a player places their chips inside the circle in front of them.

    Casino War: Dealing the Cards

    After placing their bets in their respective betting circles, the players each receive one card. The dealer also receives a single card. Now each player's card is compared to the dealer's. The higher ranking card wins. Traditional card ranking as you see in poker is employed.

    Casino War: Going to War

    In case of a tie, the player has two options. They can surrender their card and forfeit half of their wager, or they can "go to war." By going to war, the player must double their initial wager. The dealer symbolically raises their wager as well. Three cards are removed from the deck (called "burning" to avoid cheating in card games) and the player is dealt their battle card. Another three cards are discarded before the dealer receives a battle card as well.

    In the even that the player's battle card triumphs, they win only half of their total wager; the other half wins nothing and is only returned. So if it was a $10 bet and it was doubled to $20 in the war, the player would win only $10 profit.

    In case the dealer's second card bested the player's, the house would win both wagers from the player. So using the example above, the player would lose $20. Now that's what we call "house advantage"!

    Casino War: Other Rules

    Naturally this rule in Casino War is very unpopular. Some casinos try to make the obvious less obvious by giving a special bonus to the player in case of a battle card tie. One can also try a tie bet which pays 10-1. Be warned that the casino has an 18% edge there though.

    Casino War: Ranking Cards

    If you are unfamiliar with poker or blackjack card rankings, here is a list of individual cards in order from highest to lowest.

    Ace King Queen Jack 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2

    Suits have no significance in Casino War. Cards of the same denomination are of the same ranking no matter what their suits are.