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  • Beginner's Guide For Backgammon

    1. Did you know that you can redouble? Well, yes you can. Do this after your opponent doubles you to two, when it is your turn you can always redouble to four anytime.

    Make sure that you turn your cube in your next roll. This is after you consider making the match to three if you are trailing 1-10. You have nothing to lose here, if you lose the match you will lose the match. If this is the case make sure that you win the game so you can win the match.

    2. An acceptable double is at 25% for a break-even point. However, you should have a higher chance of winning with at least 25% at the game.

    Did you know that owning the cube is worth doing? The word owning means that the player has the right to double but his or her opponent doesn't have the right to double.

    Let us say that your opponent has rolled with his or her checkers at his 5-point and 6-point. And then you have your checkers on the position of 4-point. If neither has done a double your chance of winning will be at zero percent.

    The good chance here is that your opponent should double and then your move is to drop. And when your opponent doubles and then you have taken your chance of winning can increase to 14%. This means that if you have a very small lead you should not double.

    3. If doubling can't cost you anything then you should always double. Let us say that you are down to about 2-0 in the match of three and then you have won the next game that makes it down to 2-1. This match gives you no reason not to double with the first roll on your next game.

    If you lose the game it does not really matter, losing at 4-1 and 3-1 does not make a difference, but doubling will make you a winner of the game.

    4. Making the safe move is not always a good idea. Hitting with an unsafe position does not always work; sometimes the best risk that you can take has the higher chance of you winning the game.

    5. If you really want to win most of your backgammon games we suggest that you invest in good reading materials. With good reading materials you can learn more about backgammon games online.

    Another good source of backgammon knowledge is the ones you can get from computer programs. You can install backgammon on your computer for your personal learning.